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Local Attractions

Find our boutique hotel in Stockholm Old Town

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace. Just 250 m from the Hotel Gamla Stan you will find the Royal Palace where you can see among other things the Changing of the Guards, The Royal Armoury, exhibitions and more

The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House. Just 300m from the hotel you can visit the Royal Opera House for opera, ballet all in an elegant and historical setting. 

The Royal Drama Theatre

Den The Royal Drama Theatre. A short walk from the hotel you can be awed and overwhelmed by this, decadent building covered in gold!


Skansen – Sweden’s oldest outdoor museum where you can experience life as it was in Sweden many years ago. Something for the entire family. You can take the ferry just outside the hotel over to Djurgården and then it is just a 5-minute walk.

Gröna Lund Amusement Park

You can take the ferry just outside of the hotel which will take you directly to the amusement park. They even have great concerts.

Tour Buses and Boats

Tour busses and Boats are to be found just outside of the hotel.


Great shopping offering a variety of stores from thrift shops to major brands.


Upscale and exclusive brands are all to be found on this elegant street.

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