Get to know the history of Hotel Gamla Stan


The building at Skeppsbron 22 in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, is called The Hobelin House, also known as Sundströmska huset. The Hobelin House is named after the merchant Johan Paul Hobelin and was built in 1670, based on the drawings of the famous architect Nicodemus Tessin. In 1767, the then owner merchant Eric Osterman renovated the building according to the fashion of the times.

A hundred years later, a complete renovation by architect Johan Fredrik Åbom took place and changed the appearance of the house. In 1924, the last renovation was made and the Hobelin House received its current appearance. In 1909, Nyman & Schultz moved into the building as the first tenants. Soumibyrån, Stockholm’s and Scandinavia's first foreign tourist office have also housed here; they opened their doors in 1926.

Today, Hotel Gamla Stan is run by Vi Invest AB, a company in the hotel and real estate industry. The hotel has been carefully renovated to preserve the history of the house. Stockholm's old city wall once passed through the hotel building. The old murals and ceiling paintings from that time have been preserved and can be viewed in some of the rooms. Beautiful hand-painted patterns from a bygone era.

At present the building is owned by Norimex AB but Hotel Gamla Stan is owned and operated by Viinvest AB who owns several hotels and restaurants in Stockholm
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