Green Key

Hotel Gamla Stan is a Green Key Hotel
You have chosen a Green Key hotel. This means that by staying with us you are helping to preserve the environment. We work actively with environmental and sustainability issues, by following Green Key's extensive criteria. As a guest here, you contribute by taking responsibility for the environment without compromising your experience or convenience.

Examples of our environmental initiatives
We use renewable electricity, energy-saving lights, and procedures for slimmed-down energy consumption regarding heating and ventilation. 
We have taken measures to reduce water consumption. 
We sort and recycle our waste. 
We use environment-labeled washing and cleaning products. 
We offer our guests vegetarian and ecological alternatives. 
The staff is involved in the durability work and receives annual education within the area. 
We constantly improve our work by formulating annual objectives. 

About Green Key
Green Key is an international ecolabel within the tourism and hospitality industry, present in over 50 countries around the world. The label is managed internationally by Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and supported by some of the world's most prominent organizations within environment and education as UNEP, UNESCO, and World Tourism Organization. Today there are over 150 Green Key-labeled hotels and establishments in Sweden including several larger chains.  The organization Green Key Sweden is in charge of the environment labeling nationally and all Green Key certifications are approved and renewed by an independent jury. All plants are checked also through regular audits, in order to ensure compliance with the criteria.

For more information, visit the Green Key website
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